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Gala Opening of LA / NY PROJECT 2010
8 Kwietnia 2010r. 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Polish & Slavic CENTER, 177 Kent Street
Greenpoint - Brooklyn, NY 11222
The Polish & Slavic Center and Artists
cordially invite you to:
Gala Opening of

Special Chopin Recital by Arthur Skowron

Special jazz performance by Krzysztof Medyna & Andrzej Winnicki with Komeda Project Band

Thursday, April 8th, 2010
From 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

LA/NY project2010

Unusual, uncommon, unrepeatable. What's that? Easy. Two groups formed by Polish artists working in the US inviting you to their second group exhibit. The fi rst exhibit took place last year in LA. The second, upcoming show will take place in New York. The fi rst (and older) group is Krakart and the second (and younger) group, the Emotionalists. Krak is a group founded in Los Angeles by Andrew Kolodziey. The second group, the Emotionalists, is a group of artists from who joined Prof. Lubomir Tomaszewski. Their headquarters are in New York. What brings these groups together, what separates them, and what are their common goals? The common element that unifi es these groups is that both are made up of mostly Polish artists, although it must be made clear that being Polish is not a pre-requisite to join. The basic concepts in forming these groups, such as: group exhibits, meetings, and discussions about mutual promotion, were similar. Both groups are made up of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and photographers, as well as poets, dancers, musicians, and some multi-media and video artists. Most exhibits done by Krak and the Emotionalists are group shows. They comprise of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and photography as their main components. Musicians join the visual artists, playing at gallery openings. The number of artists in these groups and the number of shows continues to grow. From their early days to present both groups have collectively done well over 250 exhibits. Both groups have displayed their work all over the world, although most exhibits took place in the US. Some of the places where the artists exhibited abroad include: Poland, France, Germany, Holland, and Mexico. The spectrum of the works is broad, ranging from fi gurative to conceptual. This wide array of style, aesthetics, and medium creates a collective body of work that is never dull and attracts a wide and diverse audience. The curator of the exhibit is Janusz Skowron, whose dedication to organizing shows for the Emotionalists is immeasurable. The following artists will participate in the Exhibit:


Piotr Betlej, Maria Fuks, Wojtek Kubik, Zbigniew Nowosadzki, Mieczyslaw Mietko Rudek, Arthur C. Skowron, Janusz Skowron, Maksymilian Starzec, Beata Szpura, Patrycja Todo, Jacek Wolski, and Anna Zatorska.


Joanna Fodczuk, Andrew Kolodziey, Leonard Konopelski, Kasia Czerpak - Waglinski, Kinga Czerska, Artur Popek, and Witold Vito Wojcik. Even though there are many differences between them, the artists in these groups are very tolerant of one another. One such difference is the age gap between the oldest member (89 years old) and the youngest (27 years old). Both groups are incomparable because each one is in itself distinct. For example, Lubomir Tomaszewski, the founder of the Emotionalists often engages with viewers and discusses the philosophy and aesthetics behind his group. Krak, on the other hand is more liberal, having no one set philosophy. Krak, founded in 1981, and the Emotionalists, founded in 1994, join forces in a unique presentation of art as East meets West.

Mieczyslaw Mietko Rudek, New York 2010

Curator exhibit - Janusz Skowron

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